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Tree thinning is recommended for evergreens such as large oaks, pines, cedars, redwoods and firs. Thinning removes dead wood and encourages new growth in the canopy. It promotes the health of the tree and – from a safety standpoint – reduces weight and wind resistance. Thinning also allows more light through the canopy and provides lovely filtered views. Thinning can also be done to fruit and deciduous trees to remove suckers and encourage healthy new growth. Valley Green Tree Services advises thinning pine trees only be done during the fall and winter months. When a pine tree is thinned in the spring or summer it will attract pine bark beetles, which feed on the sap and can kill a large pine tree in a few months.

Tree trimming is the act of pruning. Consult with our specialist when you consider trimming your trees. Valley Green Tree Services has the knowledge of each variety of trees in order to trim them without causing future damage.

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